Each Other's Garments

My poor husband is facing great trials on his job. I am wringing my hands trying to come up with ways to support him through this difficult phase in his career.

Save from abandoning my post in the home as wife and mother just so I can alleviate his burden as the provider for the family, the wisest thing to do is to continue keeping my mouth sealed, i.e. no nagging, complaints, or criticisms. So far, doing so brought much peace and harmony between us, praise be to Allah. It is also important that I express true sympathy, appreciation and sincere admiration for him. Listening to him and understanding the sacrifices he has to make daily in order to provide for us makes it easy to do so.

I should also let him know that I believe in his true worth, even if others do not (or that is how he perceives). And I must find it in my heart to forgive him if I feel he has slighted me in some way. I must stay positive and not allow his dark moods to influence me. I must not panic but continue to be his gentle confidante and loving supporter. The next best thing is to keep the household running intact and not allow my rambunctious son to run all over him when he is in need of rest. Last but not least I need to keep him constantly in my prayers.

It may seem like a tall order but we all have our parts to play in a loving marriage. A beautiful line in the Qur'an describes the relationship between a husband and wife, "they are your garments as you are their garments". In His mercy, Allah gave us the right to protection under our husbands' care, so to show our gratitude we do our part to preserve our husband's best interest at heart by doing all that is within our means, Insha'Allah.

"Remember Me, and I shall remember you; be grateful to Me,
and deny Me not."
(Quran 2:152)


Aisya Shurfa said…
Kakak! I miss Ali so much!

Make sure you give him a hug and a kiss from me. :)

Oh yeah, and we also miss you, too. :D

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